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When I moved from NY to Dallas I knew I was leaving behind some funky cold weather but I had no idea that I was moving to a city that was a haven for great guitars and guitarists. Donny Wade, Charley Wirz, Rene Martinez, Tom VanHoose, Yasuhiko Iwanade and the legion of friends from the Greater Southwest Guitar Show that Charley started were the greatest source of information and resources on guitars I could ever imagine. The Blues was king in those days and in Texas everyone grew up playing Blues, Country and Rock. Upon encountering a strange barefooted, overall wearin' "hillbilly-hippy" looking guy with a 10 string dobro at a shop called BMC, and hearing him burn up One Note Samba faster than I could follow it... I closed my mouth and asked Donny who the hell he was... "That's Tom Morrell he's the "M" in MSA Steel Guitars... I made that guitar!". Jazz in Texas? People building guitars..? And Vintage Guitars everywhere? I knew I had come to the right place! It definitely put me on a different track. Charley passed away and then Stevie Ray and life was more somber for a while but the music went on.
Loves, Friends and Guitars come and go... but the really good ones always have a special place in our hearts!

Offering these guitars from several collections. The Klein "Blue Thunder" is just remarkable. The Leo Raley memorabilia is a glimpse into the 1930's early start of "Texas Swing".

1960 Guild X-50
Soldano SLO Trio
Stephen Marchione Classical
Teuffel Niwa Guitar
Marchione Vintage Trem
Robin Westport Guitar
Marchione Neck Through
Taylor Liberty Tree Guitar
Steven Klein "Blue Thunder"
Leo Raley Collection
1948 Martin Mandolin
1965 Gibson A5 Mandolin
1965 Fender Blackface Deluxe Amp
1967 Epiphone FT-90 El Dorado
Robin Westport Guitar
IMC Chiquita w/Amp + case
IMC Chiquita (2nd gen) w/case
Burns Apache Ltd. Edition
Burns Bison LTD. Edition
Beltona Hi-Lifer Resonator
Aircraft Amplifier
Crafters of Tennessee Resonator