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I started off as an Editorial Illustrator... then a product Illustrator for Agencies... added Lettering, Photorealistic styles, and then because of some cartooning I did as a kid leveraged into Advertising and Super Heroes and Licensed Properties. I also did a stint in combination with Licensed Props as a game designer. Most of the time my studio was providing the art but there is a nice series I did with Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell where we just did the support work. I've worked with Pepsi™, Frito Lay™, Universal Studios™, 20th Century Fox™, Disney™, Pepsi International™ and all it's worldwide divisions in conjunction with Lulirama™ and To Serve Man™. I work in the Adobe Creative Suite, and add to that with a number of other graphic programs and 3D. I love projects! Please... send them my way.
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